Friday, February 26, 2010

Random Thoughts...

Life gets so busy. And sometimes my thoughts are just random bullet points. So hard to find time to really think about things when life gets so busy. Here are a few of my bullet point thoughts:

Anyone else watch the meeting of the idiots on healthcare yesterday? Geez, what a bunch of morons. Everyone has their special project. They all want to protect their special interests. Nobody gives and inch. Complete political posturing. What a waste of time. First, the dems are trying to get something done for the American people (not unusual) and the reps are trying to stop it (another not unusual). I get bent when John McCain talks knowing how he's voted against every veteran's bill since he got there and against every good healthcare option. Ughh. I'm just tired of all of them, really.

Pitbulls. Come on, people, get a life. There are no BAD dogs, just BAD owners. Pits are wonderful dogs and love their people. Are they great for the first time dog owner? Probably not. But neither are lots of other breeds. Train them. Socialize them. They make wonderful companions. Every decade has had its pariah. GSDs, Dobies, Rots. No matter. Somebody's got to hate them. For pete's sake, get over it.

It's a shame to lose that wonderful trainer at SeaWorld. Agreed. But she knew the dangers. You're dealing with wild animals. Some of the responsibility lies, in my opinion, with SeaWorld for not removing that whale from its shows knowing its history of killing others. My heart goes out to her family and friends. But someone has to look at how this happened and take appropriate measures to protect the trainers.

Snowpocolypse. When El Nino occurs, we know this happens. The folks across the midwest and northeast are buried under feet of snow. My concern is with those who, thanks to our failing economy, cannot afford to heat their homes. The cold weather that comes with this thing is dangerous to those who cannot afford oil, gas or electricity. And we all know how sympathetic big corporations can be. Give us our money or freeze to death. It's just unreal. Prices are through the roof, and you can be sure the social security payments aren't keeping up with rising prices.

And speaking of social security, why do all these congress critters get their healthcare and pensions when the average American suffers. Seems to me something's wrong with that one. I say let's freeze their wages, make them pay for insurance, take money out for their "retirement", have them pay for their postage, cut their staffs, etc. to help out their constituents. It gets all up under my skin!

I could go on forever, but you have things to do. So, these are my thoughts today. Negative, yep. Fixable, yep. Let's see if anyone rises to the challenge to make things right, shall we?