Sunday, July 01, 2007

Independence Day

I could not let this holiday pass without asking each of us to thank a soldier. A soldier is the highest expression of courage and selflessness.

But, be angered by the carelessness of this Administration and their lack of concern for those who would serve them. The conditions at Walter Reed and many other VA Hospitals are deplorable. The backlog in determinations of disability are unforgivable. All the while these men and women suffer through war and its aftermath, those in the Administration continue to line their financial pockets with the profits of their blood lust.

It is wrong. Simple and to the point. Wrong. However, unless those of us who understand that to WAGE PEACE is the better way stand up and demand that our voices of dissent be heard, the wars will continue.

Iraq and Afghanistan. We are losing soldiers by the hundreds each month. And those countries are losing citizens by even greater numbers. It is holocaust. Now some in Congress and the White House are calling for, and implementing, plans to invade Iran. There is continuing war in Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria... And the list continues to grow. We have the threat of North Korea, which is very real and very ignored. Unless something miraculous happens, we are well on our way to another World War.

And who is caught in the middle of this giant pissing contest by our leaders? Our brave, courageous and wonderful soldiers! They committed themselves to protect this country from all threats, foreign and domestic. But, this wasn't a threat until our (p)resident decided to invade a sovereign country, topple a foreign leader, and take over his country...and then take control of the country's biggest trade...the OIL. Oh, and "Osama who?" Our soldiers in Afghanistan are spitting in the wind trying to bring the one person responsible for 9/11 to justice!

All the while, our soldiers are
fighting for their lives. Be a stand up person this Independence Day. Stand up for our soldiers! Express your deep and abiding gratefulness for their continued sacrifice. Stop staring at the pretty colors of the fireworks and get a real sense of what is going on in our world today. Then get active! Wage peace. Write your congressional representatives. Tell them to stop the madness that is this war.

Goddess bless our military men and women...and their families who sacrifice greatly for our good.

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