Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spirituality as a Life Practice

Spirituality as a Life Practice

To exist as a spiritual being in a world of matter is often a difficult process. One must be continuously aware of both planes. The material world pulls our focus off being content to selfishness. We start to respond to the negative and allow our inner selves to be compromised by toxic people, places, things and circumstances. This focus is one of imbalance: a lack of harmony.

The condition of harmony brings to mind a part in an old car I once owned. I loved that car! It was an '89 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible. I had a very difficult time getting it to run properly. Why? A part called a “harmonic balancer.”

Because of the car's age, the part was obsolete. I searched high and low through parts houses and salvage yards. You see, that part was essential to making the car's engine run smoothly. Without it, the car sputtered and struggled and wore out the other parts which relied on it far before their time.

The Spiritual Life is the “harmonic balancer” for all other things.

Spirit brings us an acute awareness that we are co-creators with the Goddess and, therefore, have great affect on the material world around us. The situations and people we encounter cannot throw us off balance if we are operating on the spiritual plane. The “harmonic balancer”, Spirit, takes all the things that we face and lines them up in harmony.

So how can we be spiritually aware? I find the Five Principles of Brigit a great compass.

1. Protect the Earth - It is our home and our Mother.
2. Be a Peacemaker - Wear peace as a mantle.
3. Care for the Poor - Serve others with gladness and humility.
4. Be a Place of Sanctuary - One who brings comfort to the hurting.
5. Carry a Spirit of Meditation - Focus on the Goddess and hear the
Spirit Voice.

As a daily practice, let us tune in to the Spirit of balance, contentment, co-creation and harmony to bring about a better life for ourselves an those around us.

Blessed Be!

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