Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Positive Energy

Blessings, Gentle Readers,
Do any of you receive the daily quotes from Abraham-Hicks ( http://www.abraham-hicks.com/index.php)? I find great enlightenment and positive energy from their site; a good way to start the day. At first I didn't understand the idea that all things shared a common energy and how we affect the world around us.
Abraham's teaching is that all things have an energy; a vibrational frequency. This being true means that, just as a pebble tossed in the water causes ripples, so our vibrational energy ripples in the Universe. Thus, we have an effect that we may not see, that happens in the greater World around us. Consider again the pebble in the water. If you drop it in a pond, you see the ripples as they move away from the center. If you drop it in a vast sea, you see the ripples for a short time. However, just because you don't see the continuous ripple, doesn't mean it has no effect!
So what is this energy vibration? It is the positive and the negative we bring to the Creation table. It is our ability to take the negative which occurs in our lives and affect it for positive. Have you ever had a really "craptacular" day and, when you have had enough, made a conscious decision to change the day through your positive energy? That is the vibrational change of which I speak.
Now, is it deeper than that? Of course it is! Much, much deeper! But each journey begins with a single step forward. If we begin to understand the ripple effect, we will focus more on being the positive energy in the World. If we take conscious hold of our vibrational energy and change one moment, one hour, one day...imagine the creational effect we would have on the greater World around us! The idea is simply mind-boggling.
So take today and make a conscious effort for positive vibrational change in your life. In so doing, you will effect the lives of those around you. And wouldn't that make for a better life for us all?

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