Monday, July 07, 2008

Let's Talk About Money...

I'm Becoming More Aware of My Feelings About Money. . .
Many people protest when we explain to them the power of telling the story of their finances as they want it to be rather than as it is, because they believe that they should be factual about what is happening. But if you continue to look at lackful what-is and speak of what-is, you will not find the improvement that you desire. If you want to effect substantial change in your life experience, you must think thoughts that feel different as you think them.

Hello again, Gentle Readers...

This was today's quote from Abraham-Hicks. I get their daily quotes and enjoy them immensely. I hope you'll check out their website.

I've been concerned about money lately. And yesterday, at the church service we attended, they were talking about choosing to view the world from the "shall be" and not the "is now." The pastor was speaking of free will. Now, as one who has been a hard-core fundamentalist in the past, we were taught that free will was one thing and one thing only: Our choice of whether we believe that Jesus was the Messiah...or not. We choose wrong and we get the hell-fire and damnation.

You know, I have problems with that free will. I have a hard time picturing God (or Goddess - you choose your diety) as an angry God who will simply throw you to the fire if you won't do as he says. But this pastor spoke of a different kind of free will: the free will to see beyond the now and embrace the future as it should be. No, I'm not talking of the whole "believe it and receive it" type of prosperity teaching. I am speaking of the free will to look at a situation, such as a financial one, and speak the positive into the world. For example, I may see that my dollars won't go as far as I would like. The electric bill is ridiculous. I can choose to be negative and gripe about the cost of it. Or I can choose (free will) to be positive and be grateful that I have heating, cooling and a way to cook my meals. It is the free will of the grateful spirit that brings positive results.

If we subscribe to the idea that all is energy, we now have the free will to speak positive into that energy. Okay, I know it sounds a bit "out there." But if our words and actions affect what we see and get in our lives, why not choose the way of free will? Choose to take up the positive instead of speaking the negative.

The pastor quoted a line in a musical. And, of course, I don't remember it fully. (That 50 year old memory glitch thingy!). But the gist of it was that it isn't the decision that is bad. It may be mistaken; a decision we can learn from in the future. So what? We take this moment and move forward to the next with wisdom.

So I encourage you this day to use your free will. Speak the positive. Be grateful for everything. And then watch the Universe operate on your behalf! Goddess bless!

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