Sunday, October 26, 2008

This Has Got To Stop

Please click the link above and read the story from Pam's House Blend. Pam has an excellent blog and I follow it regularly. This story stopped me in my tracks, though. In light of the recent fake attack pushed by the McCain camp where one of the staffers reported being beaten by an Obama supporter because of a sticker on her car, one has to wonder why THIS story which is REAL was buried by the MSM.

Nancy Takehara, an Obama campaign worker, was going door-to-door when an outraged McCain supporter grabbed her by the back of her neck, ripping at her hair, and pounded her head. She feared for her life. Over a simple door knock!!!!!! Are you really reading this? You betcha!

The McCain campaign, and especially Sara Palin in recent weeks, has whipped their base into a frenzy and now good people are paying the price for it. It's just wrong, people, and it has to stop. McCain, once an American hero with a reputation for straight talk and honorable character, has reduced himself and his campaign to hate-mongering. And they have yet to do anything about it besides blame Obama.

I don't know whether to be shocked, angry, or both! Dear Goddess, what horrible nature brings a man (humankind) to this kind of evil? And, yes, it is evil. To incite riot and hatred is just plain wrong.

If I wasn't an Obama supporter before all this campaigning, I certainly am now. Obama has risen above all of this, even to tell his supporters at rallies not to "boo." He has taken the high road and addressed the issues. That gets my attention and my vote.

I hope that McCain will realize the path this campaign is on and become a man of honor: denounce all of the hatred and baiting, get control of his attack dog Palin, and be a MAN. This kind of hatred is wrong...and living in America.

Goddess help us all.

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