Saturday, March 07, 2009

Anam Cara

As many of you know, I read several books at a time. It can be annoying to those who know me because the conversation is always changing. But, for me, they all seem to align with each other in some way.

So, I'm still doing The Four Agreements. And I'll be blogging on #2 shortly. However, I plowed into the book, "Anam Cara" for the last few weeks. And what a few weeks it's been!

Anam Cara is Gaelic for soul friend. I think if we all think about it, we can easily name someone who is a soul friend for us. You know the one: they know you inside and out without a word being spoken. They protect you with their prayers, rituals, and encouragement. You can be truly yourself with them because they never judge or accuse.

For me, that soul friend is my precious partner. Have I ever told you how we met?

I went through a very damaging break up and I had been running crazy for a couple of years. I didn't know what I wanted. I struggled for a place just to live. I bounced around between jobs and people. It was a horrible existence. Finally, after two years of being insane, I stopped. I just stopped. I said in my heart, "Well, Goddess, whatever you want bring to me because I'm stopping and I'm tired of running to find it." You know the moment. That one place in time where you find clarity.

I was online with a particular website that had a "personals" section. I did it for a laugh. I wasn't serious. But I did post a piece. It said, "If you're serious, are gainfully employed, professional, personable, email me. I don't want any games, hassles, or crap. I've had enough." Tell me that wasn't to the point! I guess my feelings of having enough of the last couple of years of my life came through. (Ya think?)

Well, wouldn't you know! This wonderful woman emailed me with the simple line, "There's still a few of us good ones out there." I was sarcastic with my reply, "Oh yeah, are you one of them?" Turns out she certainly was one of them. We emailed and talked for several months. It was as if I'd known her in another life! Then we started talking on the phone for the proverbial hours at a time. There was someone with whom I totally connected! I couldn't believe it!

She was patriotic. She was spiritual. She served her country in the military. She adored animals. She liked old cars. Geez louise...pick one, we were interested in so many of the same things!

We decided to meet during Cruisin' the Coast. Wow! We looked at all the old cars. We talked about our dreams. I was amazed, but still a bit distant. I was afraid of the old hurts. But there she was...the woman of my dreams. And I couldn't get her out of my head.

We continued to date and just about ten months from the time we first emailed, I moved in. Trust me; for a lesbian that's a LONG time! And only a couple of weeks later, she got her alert she was going overseas. The Iraq War had started and she was called up. I was terrified and she was, too. What would that mean for us? It was a long year. She was at war. I was at home glued to the TV and the foreign media. She went through hell and I did, too.

Most couples, many of our straight aquaintances, broke up or their relationships were very damaged by deployment. Even though we had issues to work through, we came out of the experience stronger, more in tune with each other, and thankful for each day we have together.

It's now six years down the road. We've faced a lot in life. She remains my Anam Cara, soul friend. We are totally in synch with each other. We each complete each other. And somehow, I truly think we've known each other in the Spirit World prior to this life. We connect on such a deep, spiritual level.

As we go through our incarnations, I do believe we meet souls along the way that become a part of ours. We become interconnected in a way that can only be described as a deep soul, spiritual connection. It is that type of intertwining that is the soul friend.

I really suggest you read this book. The author takes you all the way through life explaining the Celtic way of the soul. It is interesting and relevent. You'll find yourself drawn to understanding the way of the Anam Cara. It's well worth the time.

And who knows? You may come to deeply appreciate your Anam Cara through the process!

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