Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dreams Won't Pay the Bills

Blessings, Gentle Readers...

You will notice the title of this writing: "Dreams Won't Pay the Bills." How many of us have heard this in our lifetime? I would bet many of us. I certainly have.

As a kid, I was a dreamer. I dreamed of being a great athlete. I dreamed of being a musician. I dreamed of sprites and spirits. I had dreams. And I can remember hearing that dreaded phrase over and over again.

It was sensible to go to college, get a degree, learn a skill. My father wanted me to be a nurse so I would always have a career. As he said, people are always sick and dying. It just wasn't for me. Something in me wanted to teach, to reach, to share. I yearned for Spirit.

For me, life was a spiritual thing. Life had so many facets that connected with Spirit. And as a teenager, I investigated that part of me in the simple way I knew how. I visited churches and synagogues. I spoke with clergy. And yet, the constraints of liturgy always pushed me away. In my mind there had to be a better way. And no matter how I tried to find that way, the sound reverberated in my head: Dreams don't pay the bills.

So, I went to school. I worked every day at my retail jobs. Why? Because dreams don't pay the bills. And I continued to be dissatisfied with life.

But a wonderful thing would happen when I would break away from the bill-paying job. Just a simple walk in the woods would bring such peace! It was as if the trees had a voice. The moss would speak to me. The plants waving in the breeze had wisdom to offer. By the water, I would hear the waves speak and the sand tell its story. I started to understand why my ancestors listened to the land.

There is a depth of Spirit in the land. So many trees are centuries old. The rocks have seen so much. And they speak to us. They speak to our dreams. And in communing with them, I began to realize my own dreams. I want to speak to animals. I want to know them and understand them. I want to help people find that place, the energy that exists between us and our companion animals. Every day now that I go to work, and I talk to folks about their dogs and cats, I have an opportunity to share with them Spirit.

We all, human and animal-kind, share Spirit - share energy. It is the energy of our Mother; the energy She exerted in creating us all. It is the residual energy in the things around us. It is the energy inside ourselves. It truly is man and beast together as one.

Be thankful this day that our dreams, when offered through Spirit, not only pay the bills but bring us closer to Goddess and closer to our own co-creative selves. That is simply amazing, don't you agree?

Find your dream; the one that speaks to your heart...and pays the bills.

Blessed Be!

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