Friday, December 25, 2009

Winter - A Season of New Beginning

That title sounds a bit off, doesn't it? A season of new beginning? But in the spirit of the Wheel, winter is a new beginning? This brings us to the thought that death must occur before life. And that, in itself, seems backward to us. But it is not.

We must have death before life. In the Wheel, we see that all things are cyclical. That wonderful Cycle of Life. In Celtic belief, all things work in cycle. Seasons. Diety. Life.

So this time of year is the "death" time in that cycle. The landscape is covered in snow. Trees have lost their leaves. Cold covers us. It gets darker sooner at night. And we feel it in our bones. We feel it in our spirit.

As we mark time during this season, we begin to long for the awakening of Spring. And the cycle begins again.

How does this teach us? We learn that everything has a season. Everything has a cycle of life. What we face every day does not mean it will be that way forever. When trials come, we know in our center being that it will end and new life will begin. We will see the Spring and the cold will end. This season teaches us to remain hopeful.

So, as you face difficulties, remember the Wheel. Remember that all things have a season, a cycle of life, that will move forward in its time. There is a plan. We are the plan. We are the creators of the plan. And we move in time to the seasons and cycles of life.

Be thankful this day for the Cycle of Life, the Wheel of the Spirit, who leads us forward to new and greener pastures. A new beginning.

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