Monday, March 15, 2010

Mother in the Morning

Greetings Gentle Readers...

I woke up this morning to such a beautiful sight. The dogwood trees in the neighborhood are blooming. It's so wonderful to drive down the street under the canopy of white and pink. There is a gentleness about a dogwood; a sense of joy and awe: the stark colors against the deep darkness of the tree trunk and branches.

The contrast speaks to my heart of the workings of our lives. Our base, our foundation, is established and solid. Its roots dig deep into the soil of our lives. And out of that root and soil come branches of life. Each branch springs from the root, a lesson learned. And at the end of the lesson, if we allow it to penetrate our spirit, springs the beauty of the flower. And the beauty of the flower, when brought into balance in our lives, brings the bright green leaves of wisdom.

When we go through difficult times, I dare say we rarely find a place of meditation and allow the lesson to go deep into our souls. I'm often guilty. But when I stop long enough to feel the breeze of change and the movement in my being of a branch coming forth, the lesson is always...always... worth the pain of the growing. The tree feels the pain of growth, as do we. We must but sit under the wisdom, allow our roots to go deep into the earth, and seek Mother Goddess.

So many lessons I've learned in this mindfulness. And so many have I repeated because I've allowed myself to get caught up in the emotions and not the quiet of the lesson.

I encourage you today to take time out of your busy schedule to sit under the dogwood. (For my northern family and friends, there's always the first crocus of spring!) Enjoy the beauty of the flower, but don't fail to touch the branches and feel the earth underneath you. It is all intertwined as a wonder to behold. A quiet lesson in life of the balance that is ours as we seek and honor our Mother.

Blessed Be, my friends. Blessed Be!

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