Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mabon - One Pagan's Perspective

Simply put, Mabon is a time to reap the physical and spiritual of the year; a kind of Thanksgiving, if you will.  The sun takes its path toward darkness, where light and dark dwell equally in this world.  It is the living example of balance.

We know that life is cyclical.  It is ever-turning, ever-changing.  It is this cyclical nature that leads us through the year.  We celebrate birth, life, death and rebirth.  Just as the seasons, so are our lives.  All things that enter our lives have their cycle. 

Historically, Mabon is a tale of a Great Son who is taken from his Mother at a mere three nights old (though some folklore says three years).  He is held in captivity and then freed to be reborn as his Mother's champion, full of light and wisdom.

So what does all of this mean?  It is individual to each person.  For me, however, it teaches me that all things have a time and a purpose.  Everything that enters my life will provide for me in some form or fashion.  It may provide teaching and insight.  It may provide sadness and mourning.  But with each thing and each season, I will grow in insight and wisdom.  And as time moves on, with each year, I learn the lessons of life that give me understanding, knowledge and peace.  I learn that striving against the wind, against the lesson, gains nothing.  Only when I surrender to the lesson, do I learn its secrets.

Mabon is for me a time to look over the past year.  What have I sown?  What have I reaped?  And what do I want to sow for the coming year?

This year I sowed  new things:  A new home.  A new job.  A new vision for my spiritual practice. A new spiritual family and community of like-minded people.

This year I reaped: A home that is comfortable for Patti; quiet and easy on her PTSD.  A new job with people who actually appreciate the work I do, as well as the opportunity to train without the constraints of a corporate structure that doesn't allow for growth.  And as for the new vision? I found an understanding of my path that I had not experienced before.  I found myself in Druidry; in grounding myself to the Earth with the blessings of Air, Fire and Water.  I re-found my Bardic tradition and felt the draw of the Celts in my soul.  And I found a Grove of wonderful pagans who are loving and encouraging.

And what are the goals of the next year?  I haven't firmed them  up completely yet.  But I do know I want to gain further insight on my spiritual path.  I do know I want to be able to semi-retire and for  Patti and I to be able to travel.  I know I want to reclaim financial health.  I want to reclaim all that has been lost through illness and circumstance.  So I will spend the next few days seeking clarity on how to sow the seeds for the next year.

Blessed Mabon, everyone.  May you be blessed as you sow.  May you be blessed as you reap.  May you learn the lessons set aside for you.  May you find insight, and wisdom, and peace in the coming year.


Enduring Gypsy said...

beautifully and insightfully written, as always. too often we forget about the blessings in our lives, or what we reap and sow. this entry is not only inspiring, but the love put into it radiates off the pages. i am now encouraged to become more mindful of what i sow and what will come of it, and to be thankful for what i have, not what is lacking. thank you for sharing, anam cara!

MoonMystic said...

Blessings to you, my dear friend. Thank you for your kind and generous comments.

babayaga said...

Love it, love it, love it.

Cindi Green said...

Thank you!

xanaxmommy said...

Ok, I have a blog too.. (I'm in the Moonlit Grove group too, LOL) & I am slowly figuring out blogger... how do I "follow" you so I'll see the new posts you put up? I'm sorry to ask, I just need to know & can't figure it out!!!