Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Beginning

This is much like our lives: We see through the forest fog, notice the trees, but don't have a clear direction of our journey.

The past few years have been that for me. I am a seeker. I want to know truth. There is a God, regardless of what "name" we attach. there balance? Or is God simply a patriarchal tyrant in the sky who doles out punishment for those who "don't mind" and good things for those that do "mind." Is this an idea that we, as humankind, have associated with Diety?

I have come to see the Divine as many instead of one. God. Goddess. Mother Earth. Prophets. ad infinitum...

I long for a connection to the Earth that supports me. Through that journey I have found an energy that comes from communing with Mother Earth. My eyes have been opened to new sensory experiences; meditiation which brings peace and an awareness of the Creation. The patriarchal god to whom I was introduced as a child has become more than the eye in the sky. God and Goddess have become for me an internal consciousness that brings direction to my journey.

The fog of the forest clears to show a sun-filled day full of new and exciting creations, all of whom bring the god-consciousness to my life and positive energy to my soul. I invite you to join me on the Journey.

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