Saturday, February 17, 2007

Seeker of Truth

Hello my friends...
Interesting picture. Yes, we all know it is Stonehenge. As Eddie Izzard says (a favorite English comedian), "The greatest Henge of them all."
I've watched dozens of documentaries on Stonehenge. Most spend the entire show conjecturing on the great meaning behind its construction. Could it be Druids who worshiped here? Could it have been a burial ground? Was it a large "clock" set to the seasons? Truly, who knows? And isn't it the mystery that draws us to it?
As one who follows a Celtic path, the Old Ways, I find it intriguing. I would love to visit there someday. I have an image of a place of mysticism with an aura of energy that would draw me to the early days of the Druids and Celts. I have found myself focusing on this place as a point of meditation. How did they move those stones so far! And how incredibly large they are! To put the lentils on the pillars must have been a sight to see.
And yet all of this was done for great purpose by a people who were dedicated to building it; my ancestors. What effort this must have taken. This was no small task. And I feel that these builders were men and women of great truth; they were seekers.
This is how I view my life; To be a person of purpose, dedicated to the life of the seeker. And as Stonehenge continues to change with the years and climate, so do I. Certain walls that were erected seeking truth have broken down against the journey. And certain stones that have lined my path, have changed in appearance and marked a very different direction.
Take time today to look at some of the wonderful pictures of Stonehenge that are on the Internet. And notice the changes that have taken place over the years. Think about the peoples that worshiped there, set their agriculture to the stars and sun, and lived and died in the shadow of Stonehenge. Reflect on the energy that exists there. See and experience it all in your mind's eye and allow it to saturate your spirit.
Hopefully you will find, as I have, that this simple structure holds a great place of truth. We must simply find it.

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