Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jerry Falwell

Merry Meet again...

Rev. Falwell's passing is, of course, headline news. I'm sure everyone in the blogosphere is weighing in. So I wanted to share my own thoughts. Feel free to share your own.

Rev. Falwell had such an opportunity to truly reach an entire generation or two. He started with just a few folks and the ministry grew into tens of thousands, including a church and college. The shame of it all is that, because of his hatred and bigotry as shown in his words and actions over the years, turned him into nothing more than a cartoon.

Remember when Jim Bakker was ousted at PTL? Who was it who jumped right into the fray and took the entire ministry lock, stock and barrel? Jerry. I often wonder if he and other ministers conspired to do this thing. It all seemed too neat and convenient. It's sad when you look at ministers and have to even consider that they weren't above board.

What about 9/11? Falwell jumped right on everyone's pain by blaming gays, pagans, witches and others for what happened that awful day. Why? Falwell used any open opportunity to spew his hatred. It didn't matter to him that an entire country was hurting. He wanted to take jabs at those he considered less holy than himself.

Then there was TinkyWinky, the Teletubby with the purse. He ranted and raved that Tinky Winky was gay! A little kids fluffy program character! This one was predicated on Tinky having a triangle on his/her head, being lavender in color and carrying a purse. Good heavens. The man needed a life.

Jerry spent his time on this earth berating people and fighting against every civil right for people not like himself. Call me crazy, but the Jesus I see in the Bible was patient, tolerant and accepting of all people. The ones Jesus busted were the religious leaders who hung albatrosses around the necks of the people. Jerry was an albatross hanger. Anyone different was the recipient of his ire.

When one must take stock of a life, especially one that was supposed to be an exemplary Christian one, one looks for the hallmarks of Yeshua: gentleness, kindness, patience, compassion, tolerance, self-control. Am I the only one who did not see these in Rev. Falwell?

Well, his time to persecute the world is over. If one believes in the afterworld, Falwell is now realizing how wrong he truly was. Goddess-willing, he will re-enter the world a wiser soul.

Blessed be...

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