Sunday, May 06, 2007

New People. New Challenges.

Merry Meet, gentle readers...

It's been awhile and the journey continues. I've faced some pretty serious health concerns the past few weeks. And there's more to come. But just when I think I will cave in to feelings of self-involvement, Goddess brings people into my life to lift me up and challenge me to walk further along the spirit path.

Today was one of those days.

A forum in which I participate has had some great activity lately. Out of that, I had the blessed opportunity to meet someone. This person brings a wealth of spiritual experience and scholarship. I found myself mesmerized as we talked. As you know, this is a relatively new journey for me and I come to crossroads where I'm not sure which fork in the road to take. This has been that time for me. But in speaking with this wonderful new-found friend, I see the journey continues laid out before me as a wonderful walk through a thick wood.

The Goddess lays out before me a place of splendor and what is required of me is to take the path. The trees cover the pathway and each offers its own lesson as I stop and meditate on their beauty and purpose. The wet earth gives senses a rush. There is something about wet earth that is empowering! Each person who enters my life and brings positive energy is like the tree or wet earth to my soul.

So, I am energized today. I am encouraged that I have found my path; my spirit journey. I continue to seek Goddess and reverence Her creation in all I do. And I stand amazed at how Goddess brings those encouragers to our lives when we need them most.

Blessed be!

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