Monday, June 01, 2009

The World Has Gone Crazy

This started out as a long rant. I've erased it all and I'm going to try to write with heart instead of indignation. I hope I accomplish it because my point will be much better received if I dial back the passion a bit. I hope you'll continue to read...

I'm sure you've seen the news footage of the assassination of Dr. Tiller, the late-term abortion provider, while he attended church in Kansas. Regardless of one's feelings on abortion, to gun down a man because you disagree with him is simply wrong. And here's where I think things went terribly badly:

This mentality started years ago. Christian churches used inflammatory rhetoric to rile up the masses concerning Roe v. Wade. There was talk of picketing clinics first. And that happened and it was a peaceful demonstration for awhile. The talk from the pulpits became more intense. The more conservative followers then took to following groups like Operation Rescue, using pictures of dead babies and harrassing clinic goers. Then, that wasn't enough anymore. Now Christian preachers railed from the pulpits that doctors and clinic workers should pay dearly for their involvement. Next came the clinic bombings. After that came restraining orders and laws to keep protestors on the easements to try to keep patients and workers safe. And finally, the ramped up words from the pulpits lead to murdering, in cold blood, abortion providers and their staff.

You can watch the progression of the aggression. And regardless of your personal feelings on abortion, harrassing, bombing and killing are not Christ-like responses to a perceived injustice. I can't buy in to the "eye for an eye" mentality that finds it acceptable to gun down another human being. I cannot reconcile it with what I know of Christianity...TRUE Christianity.

Jesus may have turned over the tables in the temple, but he surely didn't walk through and murder the money-changers! Why do the current day Christians feel that their behavior is approved by God? Telling me it's justified because of the deaths of the unborn is horse-pucky. Wrong does not justify wrong.

The Christian churches all wonder why their numbers dwindle? Here it is in a nutshell: Those who truly try to live a Christ-filled life want no part of the mass hysteria that has become Christianity today. Many are turning away to other faiths. I'm one of those folks. The uber-fundamentalists scare the bejeebers out of me. Who is next on their list????? They've gone after the abortion providers. They've gone after gays and lesbians, denying them basic civil rights. They've tried to gain control of the government and turn it into a theocracy. Does any of this sound Christ-like to you? If it does, you need to check your faith.

Folks, it's time we took back control of our leaders, pulpits and churches. The extremists have to be put back in their place and not allowed to take Christianity for a ride. I challenge you to stand up for right. When someone says Dr. Tiller deserved to be murdered, challenge them! Let them know that hatred and bigotry are not Christian characteristics. LOVE is supposed to be the base of Christian faith. Love.

Over the past few years I can't say I've seen much love from the Christian church.

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