Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Own Special Light

Greetings, Gentle Readers...

It's been quite some time since we spent a few moments together. Life gets busy. Important things slip and take a back seat, unfortunately. We get caught up in the daily slog.

I have been so many places in my spirit over the past months. And my reading has shown it. I've read everything from Don Miguel Ruiz to the Dalai Lama and everyone in between. And I've come to see that being broken open is the key.

Ego is such an insidious thing. The "me" that infiltrates all we think and do is the thing that holds us back from seeing the truth of our journey. I can't say I fully understand where this is leading me, but the depth of the journey is undeniable. Ego. Don Miguel's Four Agreements has a section on "Don't take anything personally." What is that? Ego. It's our ego that gets our panties in a bunch; that has to retaliate or justify. It is our ego that puts us in conflict. Yet I find that if I can silence that inner ego voice, I can sit with the silence and see truth. It is only when I allow myself to be broken open, that I release myself from the tyranny of ego.

That brokenness is not an easy thing. To deny one's specialness...ouch. I was reminded of this recently and it hurt. But it was a good and necessary hurt that required me to sit with myself for a time. I learn a lot in those "sit with myself" times. It's easier to get busy and just shove things under the pile of our lives than to deal. And in dealing, to learn to release.

This is just the beginning of this leg of the journey. I'm sure there will be more to share as I walk the road and sit with myself on the things that come my way. I hope you'll find solace in your quiet times, learning to release your ego and be part of the Universal truth that is Spirit. We are all One. We are all a part of the greater whole. We are are all One.

Awen. Blessed Be!

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