Thursday, September 23, 2010

As We Ready Ourselves...

Brightest Blessings, Gentle Readers...

I had the opportunity tonight to enjoy the Harvest Moon. It was so bright and high, shining almost silver in the sky. It made me think of my ancestors who, at this time of year, would be gathering in the last of their harvest. They would slaughter all the animals they needed for the fast-approaching hard winter winds. The animals were offered to the Gods and Goddesses as they were taken for food, clothing and shelter. The ancients knew the importance of them, of the seasons, and were thankful for them with each offering. The women prepared all with great skill knowing their handiwork would care for their families during the harsh season to come. Also during this time, they were even more keenly aware of the veil between the worlds. It was this time set aside to honor those who passed on and seek the wisdom of the Ancients for their future.

In just over a month, Samhuinn will arrive. Now is the time for us to begin to take stock; to harvest that which we've sown over the year. We gather into our figurative barns all of the crops and food we need for the dark time. We edge toward extinguishing the fires of this year and move toward the renewing of the Hearth fire within ourselves and our homes. So what comes of this time of year?

The AIR is crisp and clean. The rustle of leaves beneath our feet tell of the impending dormancy. Its cold chills us. The EARTH is quiet. The stillness of the night falls around us like a blanket and we smell the moss on the fire. The FIRE is dwindling, reminding us of the coming change and the need to purify ourselves. The WATER flows under the frozen ground keeping life alive underneath the winter snow. And the SPIRIT walks between the worlds bringing messages of hope for the other side of the darkness.

During this time of year, living in the Deep South, I must use my imagination for those seasons. I'm thankful to have seen the beauty of the Wheel as it moves through the four seasons. As I close my eyes in meditation, I am reminded of my childhood. I am reminded of the scent of change in the air. It brings me comfort as I think on how my year has played out and what my desires are for the coming one.

So for the next month, take a moment each day to harvest the crops you've planted: love, joy, peace, compassion, etc. Draw them to you and let them guard you and give you comfort. And begin to see that which you wish to sow and reap in the coming year. Lay out your desires before God and Goddess. Bless each as you offer them. And prepare your hearts for a Blessed Samhuinn!

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