Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Winter is Upon Us

My dear Gentle Readers...

We approach the Winter Solstice. As pagans we know that there are many traditions to celebrate this time of year. However, regardless of tradition and ceremony, one thing remains: This is the day the sun stands still. Light and Dark in Balance. And then we begin our march forward to the coming Sun.

I love this photo. There is such tranquility in the snow on the ground. The starkness of the bare trees are in contrast to the light that begins to arise behind them. It is a perfect picture of how our lives move in and out of seasons. As pagans, we celebrate the seasons because they show us the Wheel of Life that turns every moment of our lives. We see the cycles of life and death; birth and re-birth. We know that the Wheel has no beginning and no end. Our lives are a constant cycle of regeneration.

This knowing gives me strength and comfort in times that are difficult. One only has to look at the cycles of Life to know that "this too will pass." The Sun will rise again. The Earth will be warmed and the flowers will bloom. Can anyone really describe the beauty of the crocus as it breaks through the snow to meet the coming spring? How does one tell of the sound of the rushing of water over snowy rocks, the melting of the ice bringing torrents of power streaming toward the ocean. And that power is Who we worship. Our great Mother, Goddess and Creator who brings power to our world. She is in and is all things.

And She is in our coming Winter Solstice. She is there, guiding us through the hardships and toward the coming Sun. The day the Earth stood still. Balance. That is our Solstice. So this December 21st, as time stops for just that moment, remember the beauty and joy in walking the Spiral Path.

Thank you our wonderful Earth Mother, Goddess, Creator for you bring Spirit to all things. You bring meaning to our lives. You bring joy. You ease pain. You cause us to walk the path of the Ancients with humility.

Blessed Solstice my friends.

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