Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Am I Walking in Awareness?

Awareness. Mindfulness. Taking ourselves outside our own ego and walking in the moment. This is the path my spirit is taking.

There are many who write or video blog on this idea. And there are some great books on the subject. But what is it to me?

I find myself just existing, walking through life with no defined purpose. I move from place to place, issue to issue, problem to problem, without slowing down and considering who I am. Why am I in this place right now? What is there to learn from this? I'm sure you do the same. We get up in the morning, go through our routine, arrive at our jobs, and survive til five.

But what if there really is more to life than our routines? What if this is all a stage: a place for me to learn the lessons of life? How I go about that is a state of being. Awareness.

When my feelings are hurt, it is simply my ego in the way of the lesson. How hard it is to stop, put my ego to the side, and accept what happens with grace and inner understanding! It's so easy to take things personally. It's easy to throw up an emotional wall. It's a difficult thing to stop in the middle and ask what the lessons are.

It takes quiet time away from the noise of the world. I must find a place of solitude to open my heart and mind to what really happens in my life. For me, that place is nature. I love a quiet place under an old tree. That speaks to my spirit. What speaks to yours? Is it your personal scripture? Is it a particular musical piece? Or is it a place of total silence?

People have become uncomfortable with silence. That's a shame. We used to love the silence. Our great grandparents lived in simple times. There was no mass transportation to drown our minds. There was no booming radio blaring out noise. There was stillness, quiet, peace. Not saying it was easy. It wasn't. But it was simple. One could find a secluded corner to be with one's own thoughts. Not so much anymore.

So today, just for today, throw your intent into the Universe to live today in Mindfulness. Live today in Awareness of who you truly are. Live today in Awareness of your surroundings. Open yourself to the myriad of possibilities and the wonder of all that is. Be "in the moment." You will be amazed at the direction your spirit takes.

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