Thursday, June 16, 2011

Light Through The Trees

Greetings Gentle Readers...

It's been a while since we last spent time with each other and much has happened. As usual, life moves forward. Sometimes slowly. Sometimes quickly. But always moving forward, nonetheless.

Where do we go when life takes a down turn? Some find solace in faith. Others find solace in simple meditation. Some find no solace at all. And it is those who fail to move forward, who remain stuck in the pain of life, who are on my mind this day.

We've all done it; remained in our pain. When life throws us a hard right to the chin and we are knocked down, we fight to get up but find ourselves giving in. It's just too easy to remain on the canvas than face what hit us and come back fighting. Analogy? Sure. But it is a true one.

For those who are Christian, there is the verse in Romans about God not giving us more than He will make a way out of. Oh, many misquote that one! It's not that God will not give us more than we can handle! It's that there will be a way out! For the Pagan who follows Goddess, we know that there is comfort in Nature. There is peace and wisdom to be found under the overarching branches of an old Oak tree. The quiet brings comfort.

But for those who fail to overcome, there is a life of anger, pain and regret. And what a shame and disappointment to live under that huge cloud. One never finds peace and joy. We've all met folks like this. Everything is negative. They become a victim of their own circumstances. And they are an energy drain to be around. No matter what happens, it becomes about them. And we who try to focus on the positive, find ourselves drowning in their hole of blackness.

So what is the answer when life throws you down and seemingly beats you up? The answer is to look up. See the light through the trees in the forest. Know that there is someone, something greater than yourself and your "problems." Make the decision, and yes it is a decision, to move forward with that light in mind. Grieve as you should. I'm not saying to ignore your pain. Be honest with it. But know you cannot live in it without damning yourself to a life of ugly.

Stop. Listen. Find your center. Then find your path again. This is a journey, dear friends. It is a journey of the spirit. Pick yourself up and walk. Feel the breeze on your skin, the earth beneath your feet, the light above in the sky. Take control. And enjoy the journey!

Blessed Be!

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