Friday, March 30, 2007

Finding the Positive

Merry Meet again...
We all have difficult days. Were we honest with ourselves, we would admit that we fight to keep a positive outlook and not give in to disappointment and discouragement. Things so easily weigh us down. And once we give in to that negative thought, the negative piles on like leaves raked together in autumn. The weight of them holds us down and takes our peace.
When we take time to relax, breathe, find our center, we overtake those thoughts that would take our peace. It doesn't have to be a special place. We can take cover in the corners of our mind. But I would guess that each of us has a place that calms our souls. Mine is water.
I love the picture of the boats and the harbor. How beautiful is the shadow of the boats in the water? And how amazing is the sunset? When my troubles tug at my heart, I go to the water. I get lost in the movement, lost in the joy that is Creation. It is here I find my center, my Spirit place, my knowing place. It is here that Goddess speaks to me in a clear voice and says all is well and my soul is at peace. I speak positive affirmations about myself, my issues, my life. In this time Goddess comes and lifts me up.
I encourage you to find that place of refuge, your knowing place. Take the time to be quiet, calm you mind, and set yourself free from that which binds you. Allow Goddess to heal you and show you the way of peace.
Blessed be,

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